MetaMatrix – MetaTrader 5 Assistant Windows Application


Metamatrix is a objectifiable trading dashboard and analytical system designed to find what really works for any given instrument and timeframe. No more guessing or biased points of view. Find that edge and stick to it!

Runs with Metatrader 5 and can be scaled up depending on how many CPU cores you have. The Dashboard and its full matrix capability view is easy to understand and act upon. From automated, Semi Automated or Manual.

Fast setups, from simple to complex can be setup with ease. With access to a members repository too, Bots, Tools, Configurations, Analytics, Profit and Loss data can be shared with all members for that extra help. With a hands on and practical understanding of the 13365+ Instruments to trade on you won’t be left clueless on how to act!

The Why, When, How and What can all be answered creating a more focused and justified trade plan.

If you are after reverse engineering other traders biased points of view Metamatrix is perfect for showing how good or bad people really are at trading.
(Their spiel sounds great but of no practical advantage and more a comforting illusion)

Buy Metamatrix Software Today and gain 25 years + of combined trading experience our team has come up with. Full transparency you can visualize with no gimmicks attached!

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Metamatrix V1 Automated Trading software for Metatrader 5 in windows 7. 8. 10.

What you will get:

  1. A complete application for setting up and quantifying a given market instrument.
  2. Many inbuilt Matrix indicators only seen on Metamatrix application!
  3. Metamatrix trade engine consisting of every trading style, from scalping, grid, scaling in and out options, reversal trading etc.
  4. Easy to use front end and backend.
  5. Shows statistical and probable trade setups you can use into the future.
  6. Build your own Bots without the complexity or rabbit hole of complexity.
  7. Highly intuitive system designed for researching an instrument before committing to any automation or semi automation. If you can fill out forms you are qualified!
  8. Objectified based trading with repeatability you can understand
  9. Complete system to store, share (via our website backend) all configurations, tools, bots and encrypted Profit and loss Sheet data so you are not alone in creating bots and our tools (no coding required)
  10. Metamatrix was designed also to reverse engineer other traders in a live situation (save yourself from the many con artists bias points of view)

Additional information

Operating System

Operating system. Windows 7 8, 9 or 10.

Required Software

Metatrader 5 Trading Platform


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