Litefinance Broker Fee's / Commissions Table

LiteFinance Broker Europe

In my top 3 Brokers for traders in Europe. Supports many trading platforms. Their Crypto list of 70 instruments are superb.

  1. Supports MetaTrader 4 and 5
  2. Regulated
  3. Location - Marshall Islands
  4. ECN Broker

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#AAclAlcoa Inc
#AA_clAlcoa Inc
#ABBVclAbbVie Inc
#ABTclAbbott Laboratories
#ADMclArcher-Daniels-Midland Company
#ADPclAutomatic Data Processing Inc
#ADScladidas AG
#AGNCclAgnc Investment Corp
#AHTclAshtead Group Plc
#AMDAdvanced Micro Devices / AMD
#AMDclAdvanced Micro Devices / AMD
#AMDlAdvanced Micro Devices / AMD
#AMWLclAmerican Well Corp
#AMZNclAmazon Inc.
#AMZN_clAmazon Inc.
#ASMLclASML Holding NV (AEX)
#AVGOclBroadcom Inc
#AXPclAmerican Express Company
#AXP_clAmerican Express Company
#BABAclAlibaba Group
#BABA_clAlibaba Group
#BACclBank of America Corporation
#BAclBoeing Company
#BAC_clBank of America Corporation
#BAESclBAE Systems Plc
#BARCclBarclays PLC
#BATSclBritish American Tobacco PLC
#BAYNclBayer AG
#BBclBlackberry Ltd
#BKNGclBooking Holdings Inc
#BLNDclBritish Land Co Plc
#BMWclBayerische Motoren Werke AG
#BRBYclBurberry Group Plc
#BTclBT Group PLC
#CATclCaterpillar Inc
#CAT_clCaterpillar Inc
#CclCitigroup Inc
#CLclColgate-Palmolive Company
#CLXclClorox Company
#COINclCoinbase Global Inc
#CONclContinental AG
#COTYclCoty Inc
#CVXclChevron Corp
#DAIclDaimler AG
#DISclWalt Disney Company
#DIS_clWalt Disney Company
#DOCUclDocuSign Inc
#DVNclDevon Energy Corp
#EBAYcleBay Inc
#EBAY_cleBay Inc
#EDUclNew Oriental Education (ADRs)
#EXPEclExpedia Inc
#FclFord Motor Co
#FISclFidelity National Info Services Inc / FIS
#FPPTotalEnergies SE
#FPPclTotalEnergies SE
#FPPlTotalEnergies SE
#FPP_clTotal S.A. (1 lot = 1 CFD)
#FTIclTechnipfmc Plc
#GDclGeneral Dynamics Corp
#GEclGeneral Electric Corporation
#GE_clGeneral Electric Corporation
#GILDclGilead Sciences Inc
#GPNclGlobal Payments Inc
#HDclHome Depot Inc
#HD_clHome Depot Inc
#HIKclHikma Pharmaceuticals Plc
#HPQclHewlett-Packard Company
#HPQ_clHewlett-Packard Company
#HSBAclHSBC Holdings PLC
#IBMclIBM Corporation
#IBM_clIBM Corporation
#IIIcl3i Group Plc
#IMBclImperial Brands PLC
#INOclInovio Pharmaceuticals Inc
#INTCclIntel Corporation
#INTC_clIntel Corporation
#ITRKclIntertek Group Plc
#JNJclJohnson & Johnson
#JNJ_clJohnson & Johnson
#JPMclJPMorgan Chase & Co
#JPM_clJPMorgan Chase & Co
#KERclKering SA
#KMIclKinder Morgan Inc
#KODKclEastman Kodak Co
#LCIDclLucid Group
#LRCXclLam Research Corp
#MAclMastercard Inc
#MCclLVMH Group SA
#MCDclMcDonald’s Corporation
#MCD_clMcDonald’s Corporation
#MDLZclMondelez International Inc
#METAclMETA Platforms Inc.
#MLMclMartin Marietta Materials Inc
#MMMcl3M Company
#MMM_cl3M Company
#MOclAltria Group Inc
#MO_clAltria Group Inc
#MRNAclModerna Inc
#MSclMorgan Stanley
#MSFTclMicrosoft Corporation
#MSFT_clMicrosoft Corporation
#NIKEclNike Inc
#NIKE_clNike Inc
#NIOclNio Inc Class A ADR
#NSCclNorfolk Southern Corporation
#NWGclNatwest Group PLC
#OKTAclOkta Inc
#OXYclOccidental Petroleum Corp
#PANWclPalo Alto Networks Inc
#PDDclPinduoduo Inc (ADRs)
#PFEclPfizer Inc
#PFE_clPfizer Inc
#PGclProcter & Gamble Company
#PG_clProcter & Gamble Company
#PMclPhilip Morris International
#POOLclPool Corporation
#PSONclPearson Plc
#RNGclRingCentral Inc
#RNOclRenault SA (1 lot = 1 CFD)
#RTXclRaytheon Technologies Corporation
#SIEclSiemens AG
#SLBclSchlumberger Ltd
#SNOWclSnowflake Inc
#SQclSquare Inc
#STZclConstellation Brands Inc Class A
#TAPclMolson Coors Brewing Co Class B
#TclAT&T Inc
#TMEclTencent Music Entertainment (ADRs)
#TOTclTotal SE (ADRs)
#TRIPclTripAdvisor Inc
#TSCOclTesco PLC
#TTEclTotalEnergies SE
#T_clAT&T Inc
#UNAclUnilever PLC
#UTXUnited Technologies Corporation
#UTXclUnited Technologies Corporation
#UTXlUnited Technologies Corporation
#UTX_clUnited Technologies Corporation
#UUclUnited Utilities Group Plc
#VMCclVulcan Materials Company
#VODclVodafone Group PLC
#VOWclVolkswagen AG (Ord)
#VZclVerizon Communications Inc
#VZ_clVerizon Communications Inc
#WMTclWalmart Inc
#WMT_clWal-Mart Stores Inc
#XOMclExxonMobil Corporation
#XOM_clExxonMobil Corporation
#ZMclZoom Video Communications Inc
AAA-LSEAIMAll Asia Asset Capital
AAVUSDclAave vs. US Dollar
ADAUSDclCardano vs US Dollar
ADAUSD_eCardano vs US Dollar
ALGUSDclAlgorand vs. US Dollar
ALIUSDclMy Neighbor Alice vs. US Dollar
ALPUSDclALPINE vs. US dollar
ANTUSDclANT Aragon vs US Dollar
ASX200clAustralia 200 Index
ASX200_clAustralia 200 Index
ATOUSDclCosmos vs. US Dollar
AUDCADclAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
AUDCAD_clAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
AUDCAD_lAustralian Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
AUDCHFclAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
AUDCHF_clAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
AUDCHF_lAustralian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
AUDJPYclAustralian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
AUDJPY_clAustralian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
AUDJPY_lAustralian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
AUDNZDclAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar
AUDNZD_clAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar
AUDNZD_lAustralian Dollar vs New Zealand Dollar
AUDUSDclAustralian vs US Dollar
AUDUSD_clAustralian vs US Dollar
AUDUSD_lAustralian vs US Dollar
AVXUSDclAvalanche vs. US dollar
AXSUSDclAxie Infinity vs. US Dollar
BCHUSDclBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar
BCHUSD_eBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar
BEMUSDclBeam vs. US dollar
BMW-XETRABayerische Motoren Werke AG
BNBUSDclBinance Coin vs US Dollar
BNBUSD_eBinance Coin vs US Dollar
BTCUSDclBItcoin vs. US dollar
BTCUSD_aBItcoin vs. US dollar
BTCUSD_clBItcoin vs. US dollar
BTCUSD_eBItcoin vs. US dollar
BTCUSD_test4BItcoin vs. US dollar
BTGUSDclBitcoin Gold vs. US Dollar
CACclCAC40 index of the French stock exchange
CAC_clCAC40 index of the French stock exchange
CADCHFclCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
CADCHF_clCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
CADCHF_lCanadian Dollar vs Swiss Franc
CADJPYclCanadian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
CADJPY_clCanadian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
CADJPY_lCanadian Dollar vs Japanise Yen
CBK-XETRACommerzbank AG
CHFJPYclSwiss Franc vs Japanise Yen
CHFJPY_clSwiss Franc vs Japanise Yen
CHFJPY_lSwiss Franc vs Japanise Yen
CHZUSDclChiliz vs. US dollar
COMUSDclCompound vs. US Dollar
CON-XETRAContinental AG
DATUSDclStreamr vs US Dollar
DBK-XETRADeutsche Bank AG
DGBUSDclDigiByte vs US Dollar
DGEUSDclDogecoin vs. US Dollar
DOTUSDclPolkadot vs. US Dollar
DOTUSD_ePolkadot vs US dollar
DPW-XETRADeutsche Post AG
DSHUSDclDash vs. US Dollar
E2 1Euro vs US Dollar
EDOUSDEidoo vs US dollar
EDOUSDclEidoo vs US dollar
EDOUSDlEidoo vs US dollar
EDOUSD_clEidoo vs US dollar
EDOUSD_eEidoo vs US dollar
ENJUSDclEnjin Coin vs. US Dollar
EOSUSDclEOS vs US dollar
EOSUSD_clEOS vs US dollar
EOSUSD_eEOS vs US dollar
ETHBTCclEthereum vs BitCoin
ETHBTC_clEthereum vs BitCoin
ETHBTC_eEthereum vs BitCoin
ETHBTC_test4Ethereum vs BitCoin
ETHUSDclEthereum vs. US dollar
ETHUSD_aEthereum vs. US dollar
ETHUSD_clEthereum vs. US dollar
ETHUSD_eEthereum vs. US dollar
ETPUSDMetaverse ETP vs US dollar
ETPUSDclMetaverse ETP vs US dollar
ETPUSDlMetaverse ETP vs US dollar
ETPUSD_clMetaverse ETP vs US dollar
ETPUSD_eMetaverse ETP vs US dollar
EURAUDclEuro vs Australian Dollar
EURAUD_clEuro vs Australian Dollar
EURAUD_lEuro vs Australian Dollar
EURCADclEuro vs Canadian Dollar
EURCAD_clEuro vs Canadian Dollar
EURCAD_lEuro vs Canadian Dollar
EURCHFclEuro vs Swiss Franc
EURCHF_clEuro vs Swiss Franc
EURCHF_lEuro vs Swiss Franc
EURGBPclEuro vs Great Britan
EURGBP_clEuro vs Great Britan
EURGBP_lEuro vs Great Britan
EURHKDclEuro vs Hong Kong Dollar
EURHKD_clEuro vs Hong Kong Dollar
EURJPYclEuro vs Japanese Yen
EURJPY_clEuro vs Japanese Yen
EURJPY_lEuro vs Japanese Yen
EURMXNclEuro vs Mexican Peso
EURMXN_clEuro vs Mexican Peso
EURNZDclEuro vs New Zealand Dollar
EURNZD_clEuro vs New Zealand Dollar
EURNZD_lEuro vs New Zealand Dollar
EURPLNclEuro vs Polish Zloty
EURPLN_clEuro vs Polish Zloty
EURRUBclEuro vs Russian Rouble
EURRUB_clEuro vs Russian Rouble
EURRUREuro vs Russian Rouble
EURRURclEuro vs Russian Rouble
EURRURlEuro vs Russian Rouble
EURRUR_clEuro vs Russian Rouble
EURSGDclEuro vs Singapore Dollar
EURSGD_clEuro vs Singapore Dollar
EURTRYclEuro vs Turkish Lira
EURTRY_clEuro vs Turkish Lira
EURUSDclEuro vs US Dollar
EURUSD_clEuro vs US Dollar
EURUSD_lEuro vs US Dollar
EURZARclEuro vs South African Rand
EURZAR_clEuro vs South African Rand
FDAXclDAX40 index of the German stock exchange
FDAX_clDAX30 index of the German stock exchange
FILUSDclFilecoin vs. US Dollar
FTSEclFTSE100 index of the British stock exchange
FTSE_clFTSE100 index of the British stock exchange
GBPAUDclGreat Britan Pound vs Australian Dollar
GBPAUD_clGreat Britan Pound vs Australian Dollar
GBPAUD_lGreat Britan Pound vs Australian Dollar
GBPCADclGreat Britan Pound vs Canadian Dollar
GBPCAD_clGreat Britan Pound vs Canadian Dollar
GBPCAD_lGreat Britan Pound vs Canadian Dollar
GBPCHFclGreat Britan vs Swiss Franc
GBPCHF_clGreat Britan vs Swiss Franc
GBPCHF_lGreat Britan vs Swiss Franc
GBPDKKclBritish Pound vs Danish Krone
GBPDKK_clBritish Pound vs Danish Krone
GBPJPYclGreat Britan vs Japanese Yen
GBPJPY_clGreat Britan vs Japanese Yen
GBPJPY_lGreat Britan vs Japanese Yen
GBPNOKclBritish Pound vs Norwegian Krone
GBPNOK_clBritish Pound vs Norwegian Krone
GBPNZDclGreat Britan Pound vs New Zealand Dollar
GBPNZD_clGreat Britan Pound vs New Zealand Dollar
GBPNZD_lGreat Britan Pound vs New Zealand Dollar
GBPSEKclBritish Pound vs Swedish Krone
GBPSEK_clBritish Pound vs Swedish Krone
GBPSGDclBritish Pound vs Singapore Dollar
GBPSGD_clBritish Pound vs Singapore Dollar
GBPTRYclGreat Britan Pound vs Turkish Lira
GBPTRY_clGreat Britan Pound vs Turkish Lira
GBPUSDclGreat Britan vs US Dollar
GBPUSD_clGreat Britan vs US Dollar
GBPUSD_lGreat Britan vs US Dollar
GBPZARclBritish Pound vs South African Rand
GBPZAR_clBritish Pound vs South African Rand
GLMUSDclGLMR vs. US dollar
HK50clHong Kong 50 Index
HK50_clHong Kong 50 Index
HK50_testHong Kong 50 Index
IBEX35clSpain 35 Index Cash
IBEX35_clSpain 35 Index Cash
ICPUSDclInternet Computer vs. US Dollar
ILVUSDclIlluvium vs. US Dollar
KAVUSDclKava vs. US Dollar
LNKUSDclChainLink vs. US Dollar
LNKUSD_eLink vs US dollar
LTCBTCclLiteCoin vs BitCoin
LTCBTC_clLiteCoin vs BitCoin
LTCBTC_eLiteCoin vs BitCoin
LTCBTC_test4LiteCoin vs BitCoin
LTCUSDclLiteCoin vs US Dollar
LTCUSD_clLiteCoin vs US Dollar
LTCUSD_eLiteCoin vs US Dollar
LTCUSD_test4LiteCoin vs US Dollar
LUNUSDTerra vs. US Dollar
LUNUSDclTerra vs. US Dollar
LUNUSDlTerra vs. US Dollar
MBTUSDclminiBItcoin vs. US dollar
MKRUSDclMaker vs US Dollar
MKRUSD_eMaker vs US Dollar
MNAUSDclDecentraland vs. US dollar
MTCUSDclPolygon vs. US Dollar
MUV2-XETRAMuenchener Rueckversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG
NEAUSDclNEAR Protocol vs. US Dollar
NEOUSDclNeo vs US Dollar
NEOUSD_clNeo vs US Dollar
NEOUSD_eNeo vs US Dollar
NI225clJapan 225 Index
NI225_clJapan 225 Index
NQclNASDAQ100 index of the American stock exchange
NQ_clNASDAQ100 index of the American stock exchange
NULUSDclNULS vs. US dollar
NZDCADclNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
NZDCAD_clNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
NZDCAD_lNew Zealand Dollar vs Canadian Dollar
NZDCHFclNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc
NZDCHF_clNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc
NZDCHF_lNew Zealand Dollar vs Swiss Franc
NZDJPYclNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanise Yen
NZDJPY_clNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanise Yen
NZDJPY_lNew Zealand Dollar vs Japanise Yen
NZDSGDclNew Zealand Dollar vs Singapore Dollar
NZDSGD_clNew Zealand Dollar vs Singapore Dollar
NZDUSDclNew Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar
NZDUSD_clNew Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar
NZDUSD_lNew Zealand Dollar vs US Dollar
OMGUSDclOmiseGO vs US Dollar
OMGUSD_clOmiseGO vs US Dollar
OMGUSD_eOmiseGO vs US Dollar
QTMUSDclQtum vs US Dollar
QTMUSD_eQtum vs US Dollar
QTUMUSDQtum vs US Dollar
QTUMUSDclQtum vs US Dollar
QTUMUSDlQtum vs US Dollar
REFUSDclReef vs US Dollar
SANUSDSantiment vs US Dollar
SANUSDclSantiment vs US Dollar
SANUSDlSantiment vs US Dollar
SANUSD_eSantiment vs US Dollar
SIAUSDclSiacoin vs. US Dollar
SNDUSDclThe Sandbox vs. US dollar
SOLUSDclSolana vs. US Dollar
SPXclS&P500 index of the American stock exchange
SPX_clS&P500 index of the American stock exchange
STRUSDclStorj vs. US dollar
STXUSDclStacks vs. US Dollar
SUNUSDclSun vs US Dollar
SX5E_clEUROSTOXX50 index
THTUSDclTheta Token
TLMUSDclAlien Worlds vs. US dollar
TRXUSDclTron vs US Dollar
TRXUSD_eTron vs US Dollar
UKBRENT_clBrent Crude Oil
UNIUSDclUniswap vs. US Dollar
USDCADclUS Dollar vs Canadian
USDCAD_clUS Dollar vs Canadian
USDCAD_lUS Dollar vs Canadian
USDCHFclUS Dollar vs Swiss Franc
USDCHF_clUS Dollar vs Swiss Franc
USDCHF_lUS Dollar vs Swiss Franc
USDCNHclUS Dollar vs Chinese Yuan
USDCNH_clUS Dollar vs Chinese Yuan
USDCZKclUS Dollar vs
USDCZK_clUS Dollar vs
USDDKKclUS Dollar vs Denmark Kroner
USDDKK_clUS Dollar vs Denmark Kroner
USDHKDclUS Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar
USDHKD_clUS Dollar vs Hong Kong Dollar
USDHUFclUS Dollar vs Hungary Forint
USDHUF_clUS Dollar vs Hungary Forint
USDILSclUS Dollar vs Israel Shekel
USDILS_clUS Dollar vs Israel Shekel
USDJPYclUS Dollar vs Japanese Yen
USDJPY_clUS Dollar vs Japanese Yen
USDJPY_lUS Dollar vs Japanese Yen
USDMBTclminiBItcoin vs. US dollar
USDMXNclUS Dollar vs Mexican Peso
USDMXN_clUS Dollar vs Mexican Peso
USDNOKclUS Dollar vs Norway Kroner
USDNOK_clUS Dollar vs Norway Kroner
USDPLNclUS Dollar vs Polish Zloty
USDPLN_clUS Dollar vs Polish Zloty
USDRUBclUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDRUB_clUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDRURUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDRURclUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDRURlUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDRUR_clUS Dollar vs Russian Ruble
USDSEKclUS Dollar vs Sweden Kronor
USDSEK_clUS Dollar vs Sweden Kronor
USDSGDclUS Dollar vs Sweden Kronor
USDSGD_clUS Dollar vs Sweden Kronor
USDTRYclUS Dollar vs Turkish Lira
USDTRY_clUS Dollar vs Turkish Lira
USDXUS Dollar Index
USDZARclUS Dollar vs South Africa Rand
USDZAR_clUS Dollar vs South Africa Rand
VETUSDclVeChain vs. US Dollar
VIXclVolatility Index
VOW-XETRAVolkswagen AG (Ord)
WAVUSDclWaves vs. US Dollar
XAGUSDclSpot Silver
XAGUSD_clSpot Silver
XAUUSDclSpot Gold
XAUUSD_clSpot Gold
XBTUSDBItcoin vs. US dollar
XBTUSDclBItcoin vs. US dollar
XLMUSDclStellar vs US Dollar
XLMUSD_eStellar vs US Dollar
XMRBTCclMonero vs BitCoin
XMRBTC_clMonero vs BitCoin
XMRBTC_eMonero vs BitCoin
XMRBTC_test4Monero vs BitCoin
XMRUSDclMonero vs US Dollar
XMRUSD_clMonero vs US Dollar
XMRUSD_eMonero vs US Dollar
XMRUSD_test4Monero vs US Dollar
XNGUSDNatural Gas VS US Dollar
XNGUSD_clNatural Gas VS US Dollar
XNGUSD_lNatural Gas VS US Dollar
XPDUSDclPalladium VS US Dollar
XPDUSD_clPalladium VS US Dollar
XPTUSDclPlatinum VS US Dollar
XPTUSD_clPlatinum VS US Dollar
XRPUSDclRipple vs US Dollar
XRPUSD_aRipple vs US Dollar
XRPUSD_clRipple vs US Dollar
XRPUSD_eRipple vs US Dollar
XTZUSDclTezos vs US Dollar
XTZUSD_eTezos vs US Dollar vs. US dollar
YGGUSDclYield Guild Games vs. US Dollar
YMclDJIA index of the American stock exchange
YM_clDJIA index of the American stock exchange
ZECBTCclZCash vs Bitcoin
ZECBTC_clZCash vs Bitcoin
ZECBTC_eZCash vs Bitcoin
ZECBTC_test4ZCash vs Bitcoin
ZECUSDclZCash vs US Dollar
ZECUSD_clZCash vs US Dollar
ZECUSD_eZCash vs US Dollar
ZECUSD_test4ZCash vs US Dollar
ZILUSDclZilliqa vs US Dollar
ZILUSD_eZilliqa vs US Dollar