The Traditional Way

Beginners will fall prey to many issues along the way. Below are the typical stumbling blocks people fall for most of the time..... Trading Software Edge

From start to finish.
From YOU (the most important aspect of trading) to the methods, approach, your behaviour changes, acceptance of failures and realistic expectations will be drilled into you right from the beginning....

Learning from cherry picking traders or "after the fact" teachers

Purchasing Metamatrix is a better start hands down! Trading is in the moment and not about "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulder". If you cannot enter a trade with a real justification you DO NOT HAVE A PLAN! and you will end up losing all your money! There is a smarter and wiser way! and will shave off years of losses and frustration. Been there and got the badge! 

Messy and Disorganized

Well Organized and Sharable data. Other members will also have their own library for you to access and view their results. So if you are stuck or do not understand something. There is always someone who does!

Time Consuming

Reduce the average of 2 Years in trading down to 3 months.

Costly and Subjective Education

Exceptional Value for Money, Objective while many bots, tools can be built without the extra costs enhancing your trading tailored to suit you.

Rabbit hole of indicators

Custom Technology that stands out from the crowd without blinding you with science

Gimmicks and Scams

Our software is Fully Transparent at all times but still easy to understand. Our Profit and Loss sheets are also encrypted. So when you share them on our website they are the real deal including losses. Meaning you can earn a real reputation over time opening up many doors outside of our software.

Expensive Useless Bots. Costing you more over time.

Each bot and tool is literally pennies! As we improve and expand you GAIN more value for money. WHILE still understanding and  verifying what the bot actually does! Great yes? No hidden secrets or marketing spin!

Lack of Risk and Money Management Systems

Multiple methods and functions to protect you against your own urges or flights of financial fantasy

Trading Platform Hopping. 

Trying many platforms in the hope it will be better? We stripped out all the garbage and have left what actually does work long term. It is not about how much a system does, but what you really need versus what you do not need at all! Less is more is a real truism in trading!

What You Learn From The Internet

The place of hearsay, unproven methods, known strategies that have never worked other than coincidental outcomes, iffy profitable results or in some cases fraudulent claims.....

I would rather watch one beginner with Metamatrix trading software than a 1000 waffle experts!

Brian Clark
(Metamatrix Senior Trader and Co Designer)

Metamatrix Trading Process

Tested to show the faults as well as the advantages. To create or gain a constant edge adaptive rights or wrongs are vital for long term success.

...When the lies, bias, bad interpretations and mechanisms with no real edge are all gone.
Only the truth shall remain!

Robert Lance.
(Metamatrix Quant and Software Designer)


Learn how to Research an Instrument and Timeframe with the right tools before committing to live trading

No methods to quantify everything you SHOULD know

Quantify 30 Steps process. Metamatrix has all of this inbuilt for each instrument and timeframe

Abritrary values tend to hit and miss and very hard to repeat the results required. The past cannot fit into the future with these methods.

Pattern Study is the foundation of Metamatrix to visually see repeats in a market place. Simple to Complex. Once you discover objectified setups the more likely you will make money

Complex statistical understand is far too deep for most or completely ignorant of the process

We have made this without the complex math. Even if you are awful at math, don't worry Metamatrix software has a better way to understand this subject.

Lack of the right software to help you find your niche style in trading

Metamatrix covers all styles of trading that can be tailored to suit you. From automated, semi or even manual tactics. Adaptive technology will help you go with the changes in market tempo.

Full of bad advice created by other beginners. Nonsensical and erroneous information.

Data Populate Process. Lets find out what really works! and get right to the point

Requires years of experience in coding to pull off what works

Metamatrix is streamlined and minimal with Fast Building of Bots and manual trade tools without any code.

More Mistakes again when it comes to robust testing

Correct Backtest Methods are vital to stop illusions of the future creeping into your strategy.

Untrustworthy, non verified (this includes so called 3rd party verification) Profit and Loss Results

All orders are encrypted with Metamatrix trading software to stop tampering. Results can be uploaded along with the bots, configs and tools used. You can actually download/compare and test to MAKE sure its legit.

Which broker? Biased reviews or kick back promoters only? say No!

Our brokers are tested, from payments to networks, to trading costs and hidden fees. Any Problems we discover are stricken off our lists. Metamatrix can also protect you against bad fees as well. Check our broker fee search engine to view what are the lowest costs for an instrument.

How do I get funded? and with who? And How Do I prove myself as trustworthy

If you need that extra funding (with terms and conditions). We have the right list to work our software. Also as the results are encrypted with all the data required to PROVE it works and will greatly increase the chances of being hired by a 3rd party funding scheme

No way to share manual results and verify with evidence to back it up. Out on the internet traditional trading will be of no benefit to you or another person/company.

Share your Configs, Data and tools (earn your place as a serious trader). As a good side effect of this funding companies will take you seriously.

When things go wrong or right? You still wont have an edge due to the poor methods of recording and learning. Chasing your own tail is not a great way to improve

With our software. You can see where, when and why a trade failed via our backtesting engine. As a bonus you can also take other people's Metamatrix data and apply and test it too. Our software is completely interchangeable with thousands of members.

Average time is 5 years to become really good at this.

You accelerate your learning 100 fold with Metamatrix trading software. It is designed to do this. 

You will mostly end up with the 90% of failures

A future in Trading. All complexities solved! and user friendly.

How can I trust anyone on the internet about this subject?
(It is a good sign to have healthy skepticism about trading) 

You can't! Unless of course you have the right software to help you SEE, compare the waffle people / teachers /guru's, cognitive dissonance,  bias, gimmicks or bad methods they come up with. At least you will have the means to protect against the posers, con artists and gimmicks that will undermine your finances. (Metamatrix is worth buying just for this) <<<<<

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We offer flexible pricing options depending on your scaling requirements. 

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