MetaMatrix - An External Metatrader 5 Application for Windows designed to remove user subjectivity to objectivity!

9 Mistakes That Every Trader Makes

What are the chances that you are guilty of at least 6 of the statements below based on your experience??

Marketing Gimmicks

High risk lagging indicators lead to late prices while increasing risk and reducing your reward. Have you had enough yet of unreliable indicators?

Lack of, Risk Management

MetaMatrix can stop you, over trading, Oversizing, Entering late into a trend, limit risk, and constrain such bad habits. If you want to end such account wrecking mistakes, Metamatrix can help here!

Guru Courses

Have you spent a fortune and are still losing! Advice by itself has no practicality in a live market. MetaMatrix comes with the means to visualize the markets without the subjectivity of marketing talk.

Being Disorganized

MetaMatrix uses a database to store all the instrument data, bots, tools, visuals, and everything else. With easy export and imports, data can be shared between user accounts and for backups.

Gambler or Quant?

Every candle has a 50 50 chance, right? Maybe a quantified approach would enlighten YOU. Our methods are clean, with an easy step-by-step approach, for any instrument and timeframe.

Your Perceptions Are Distorted

Reality versus your opinion. Our dashboard removes many of these illusions. Subjectivity always leads to failure! MetaMatrix uses probabilities, not luck!

Fancy Cars, Big Houses. Right?

Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money. DO NOT believe the HYPE. You need discipline, Patience, Risk assessment, Probabilistic understanding and stable emotions. 

Signed up to a Signal Service?

Understanding how to trade is far more valuable than other people or worse, useless bots making random Entries for YOU. MetaMatrix will make you an actual trader!

Social Trading

If you cannot make up your own mind, Nor implement a strategy by yourself, you will fail. If you cannot repeat an entry and exit with realistic expectations, you will never generate consistent profits.


If You Could Secure Six Years of Trading Experience
in One Application and for Only $497?
Would You Take the Opportunity?

*Alone the Average Trading Student spends over $10258 per year
Available July 2023



Why did we build MetaMatrix?

In early 2015, I started on my forex journey with the classic platform Metatrader 4, and some off-the-shelf indicators. I tested many robots, indicators, and the next big thing. Over a 4 year period of constant failings, approximately every 90 days of trading all I ended up with were blown accounts.

The indicators I tried were all the classics most beginners use and over 1000 plus other indicators with the same problems. All I had to show for it was, No profit or negative balance.

On this journey, to learn and be a remarkable trader, the expense amounted to nearly over 40k from education to research, to time-wasting gimmicks and, false promises.

...The costs started to really mount up.

Throughout it all, I was starting to get really fed up with the whole cherry-picking scam of trading. The frustration you can probably relate to as well. General examples would be the lack of clarity, no transparency, overly complicated systems, overpriced rehashed courses with outdated or worse, impractical information. Programmers do not make traders, and traders do not make great programmers, so what was missing? The right mathematical visuals, for the job.

Eventually, I said to myself, "enough is enough" and, it was time for a serious rethink on all of these issues that 80% of losing traders out there, suffer with.

Out of all the failings and frustrations. MetaMatrix was created to skip past years of failure, Guru nonsense and down right dangerous advice.

Most of these people are perceived as experts for the most odd and bizarre reasons. I found most of these trading teacher's understanding about markets, bland or complete nonsense.

To me they were nothing but jumped up marketers more so than experienced quantitative experts. Most of what they were teaching including their strategies and tactics were just free stuff you can find around the internet and are known, to never work long term.

One tip. If said teacher, cannot verify their results by a 3rd party or at least show a live trading video stream, with REAL money on the line. You are being conned.

In reality, understanding a market has far more value than all this rehashed education. But what will help you versus what will hurt your bottom line? Your personal bias, the markets? or the wrong perspective.

Metamatrix is built upon a solid set of mathematical principles which are EASY to understand and Visualize. Metamatrix is a Repeatable, Testable trade system that can turn decisions into, Low Risk to high reward, well-timed, probable trades only the professionals really know about.

Sadly most of what is out there are, all short-term gains, or cherry-picked illusions of, success.

Sadly the majority of magical indicators out there make things far worse than you first realize.

Any time based smoothing indicators always will give you a bad price or "too late to the trend" in the hope the market noise does not preemptively exit a trade too soon or again too late to exit. This reduces profits right down to less than 30% of the total trend or in most cases a loss!

They tend to only work in a trend and in no way can they preemptively predict before the trend begins either. If only!

Let me explain why smoothing indicators,
cannot help you!

Every indicator has to calculate values from the chart and ideally tell you some direction of the market. Of course there is no such thing!

  1. The down side to smoothing indicators is the amount of market movement to give you some signal and end up too late to trade at the best price. Which is the irony of trading, waiting for conformation this late is actually worse! for your profits. Coincidental lucky trades or these kind of visual gimmicks are not what make a great trade. If you see large stop losses for any system it means it does not work as its so crude to overcome what is called a whipsaw. Which is very common when you are this late to enter a market.

  2. When a market starts to become choppy or contains multiple whipsaws. The amount of fake signals will more likely hurt your account waiting for that ultimate trend. Even when you do make money from the trend it generally isn't enough to make up for the previous 9 in 10 false signals. The odd's are clearly not in your favour.

    Watch out for Guru's who say something like, "I don't show you my fails because..". In life we learn from our mistakes and trading is no different. True Success is willing to take the punches and re-evaluate our methodologies for a better chance of success. Having to think differently and the approach is as important as entering a trade. If these smoothing indicators are pushing you into a bad price, why use them?

  3. Three. Biased conformation! Which leads to conditioning a trader into a biased direction.

    How many times have you thought it was a buy but then becomes a sell, or a sell which then becomes a buy?

    "insert any conspiracy here". The markets are not out to get you. Even though, on times it feels that way. Such indecision destroys your chance of making money from the markets. And 99.9% of indicators will ignore such subtle but important directional changes. You have to have something that can adapt or at least allow you multiple tactics and fast response times to the situation.

  4. Four. The markets are full of random tricks, traps and highly sophisticated high frequency trading robots that produce so much noise, that any inexperienced trader will be confused on direction of the market.

    Do not believe the hype regarding these slow imprecise indicators. 99% of them out there to purchase, have 0 predictive capability and are more of an emotional crutch than practical for the most part.

    Metamatrix has a few in-built indicators to show you how good it looks on a static chart but then via our dashboard and analytics, just plain awful. But when it comes to automation, they are unreliable at maintaining a decent price to profit from.

    This illusion is already convincing you its a profitable system as only 20% of the time does a market trend. Think about it! 1 in 5 times it works in a ideal trend, but 9 out of 10 times ends up clashing with a false trend or whipsaw.

    You and I can agree, that anyone who starts trading needs a better methodology, process, perspective and, a plethora of approaches for a higher chance of a trading future.

Would you risk 100 dollars to make 30? You wouldn't. 
...So why use indicators that constantly steal from you?

Metamatrix approach solves a lot of these issues straight away just by a quick look at the dashboard (we have a few examples of off the shelf traditional indicators installed, but only a few of them are of any use. Within a few minutes of opening a chart you will have a clean easy to use dashboard with a fast and precise reality of said indicators (it’s not like anything you have used).

...If an indicator is already unreliable in the past, How can it work in the future?

Of course its best not to use these type of indicators in the first place. At worst depending on the style, have no lagging results. And if confirmation based are at most 1 candle late! Just 1, not 3, 5, 10, 20 candles late where the profit has already gone! 

This is why MetaMatrix was created to mimic many years of experience in a repeatable and tight 0 bias or confirmation bias manner. Once you see the downfalls of so many of these useless indicators and personal interpretations trying to sound wise you will know visually they CANNOT work in your favour. With just a few simple tests, Metamatrix can show you how bad they really are. If someone shows you when they work its a rare cherry-picked lucky occasion!

Try X indicator 1000 times in a test, then you will see the pitfalls shine!

Probability based models work far better in refining when to trade with superior pricing, versus, some, smoothing indicator.

You would be better off flipping a coin, with a tight stop, and a random take profit price.

Not to be MR obvious here, many pretend Guru’s teach trading with some of the worst indicators out there. Then to add to insult the cheek to charge you for a below average education!

You are being conned, Again.

Their only interest is to reel in people to gain kick backs from the brokers they promote. Then they generally add in some poorly written narrative about themselves which is mostly made up. Then, show you some fancy house or car with untold success and all rented. That is neither an education nor the right software for the job. If they wear shades, show off bling or such like, Run! Professional traders are not that insecure or need to prove wealth but will show you the reality of trading instead and what it takes to really succeed.

...Continue reading. There is more value on this page than 100 gurus combined.

Which Person Would You Prefer To Be?

It's a choice between trading with confusion or sanity!

Available July 2023
MetaMatrix - An External Metatrader 5 Application for Windows 7 designed to Reverse Engineer the markets.

Most Beginners will Start Off Like This.

To much to soon, or confusing messy charts are not the best way to handle markets.

Complexity worship

This is not the key to successful trading nor an easy to use system YOU can actually understand.

No real quantitative edge!

To put into practice while being palmed with cherry-picked gimmicky plans.

Technology is meant to enhance!

Better trade decisions and not set people up to fail straight away.

A cognitive conditioning ..

with trading over time can lead to a limiting effect mentally and reduce your ability to learn how to adapt. Markets change and nothing lasts forever. Metamatrix can change with the times reinforcing the ability to change tactics, strategies (which Metamatrix has hundreds to change with and why).

Illusions of choice

Artifical choices, "comforting do it all automated indicators" do not really give you the picture nor understanding of markets that lead to a well conditioned trader.

Same old methods...

Its time for something fresh, logical, rational, useful, allow you to grow and get better. Winning does not really identify an edge. Metamatrix can help you get through what REALLY went wrong and right without it shrouded in mathematical mystery and marketing hype.

People can be conditioned with..

messy, disorganized, random choice-based systems, with hyped-up Indicators that condition beginners to act with additional bad trade practices.

But this other trader is trading with..

A Clean. Organized interface. Software with Powerful Intuitive configurations which have trained him from the get go while managing his irrational perceptions of the market place. He also has probable reasons to trade using a Non Lagging Matrix and constantly conditioned into 
the composure of a professional trader!.

The trader above is now a professional trader, because Metamatrix can be setup to reduce your kneejerk responses and, even block all your bad trading habits the other eighty percent of losing traders suffer with.

NOTE: this part is 95% of issue with trading. Trading is the opposite of human nature in all its forms and to expect some sense of conformation to act. With trading there is no conformation other than the illusion of a cherry picking formula. The basic idea of them is to try to navigate all the noise and make sense of a choice. Would you make your choices in real life based on a dice throw? Metamatrix is designed to suppress the 95% of issues you have to overcome to be a profitable trader. What is left after this hands on trading is you, an actual trader! We can also prove it over and over how irrational you are with markets! which is the point of Metamatrix and why I created it. Once you know your faults, idiotic nonsense, irrational responses, emotions clouding your judgement, gimmicks and broken indicators. You can start ignoring these internal caveats we all are born with. Then you can build a bot on your behalf to act for you. Add on top a quantified, probability edge for you and any robots, tools with every style we can think up. Its a winning formula to trade with.

Have you heard of the 90/90/90 statistical fact for a trader?

  1. 90% of Traders 
  2. Lose 90% of their accounts,
  3. In less than 90 days.

And to add to insult, 99% of education is worthless in a live situation. Then on top of that you are probably using unreliable indicators, with all the wrong approaches and will more than likely wipe out your account before the 90 days are up.

With Metamatrix, you can actually learn from your mistakes as its easier to identify context of market, timing factors, probabilities that are easy to digest and allow you to target realistic profits at the click of a button. Not only that, you can create custom identifications, classifications and contexts with ease!

See What MetaMatrix See's, and What You are Oblivious Too!

*Alone the Average Trading Student spends over $10258 per year

Available July 2023
MetaMatrix - An External Metatrader 5 Application for Windows 7 designed to Reverse Engineer the markets.

9 Trading Advantages
You Need Right Now!

The best advantage is the ability to visualize the markets with clarity and, to justify a trade with objectifiable repeatability!

To stick to a quantified plan!

If you cannot repeat a trade plan with accuracy what good is it? MetaMatrix makes this a breeze. Learn from your mistakes and mishaps without wondering, what went wrong.

Save time, not squander it!

Do not waste more time on fantasy, Unfriendly E A's, gimmicks or useless lagging indicators. MetaMatrix visualizes the reality of a market with non lagging mathematical matrix technology and comes with a user friendly, trade engine.

Low Risk Entries.

Our risk limiters stop you from making really bad trading mistakes. Markets are not the issue. We as human beings and our idiosyncrasies are.

Know how to scale in and out.

Single minded strategies or ALL or Nothing mentality will not help you earn long term. MetaMatrix has many dynamic methods to achieve this approach. 

A probability mindset.

Using a quantitative process. We can classify and, describe a market via Metamatrix's live dashboard. It can show you, simple to complex patterns and, can help identify justifiable trades.

Visualize Triple A ,Trade setups.

Metamatrix versus your perceptions? Our dashboard removes many of these illusions. MetaMatrix = probabilities, not 50 50 coin tosses!

Multiple Styles and Strategies.  

No coding required. Everything is visual and easy to use. From the Why, How, When and What. All of these can be answered within MetaMatrix. The process is highly intuitive with a streamlined workflow.  

Debunk the Guru's with Ease!

Want to see how Misleading these teachers, really Are? MetaMatrix is worth buying just for this. Armed with MetaMatrix, you can easily debunk much of the nonsense out there. Let the fun, begin!

Well organized.

Manage many charts with our trade interface. Run multiple bots, or semi automated bots. Cancel specific trades fast, or add more manually. Metamatrix supports many screens for scaled up management and for convenience.


We offer flexible pricing options depending on your scaling requirements. 

Single License

1 PC/Windows user



3 Licenses

3 PC/Windows user



5 Licences

5 PC/Windows user



10 Licenses

10 PC/Windows user




When, will MetaMatrix be available?

Metamatrix should be released sometime in July, 2023.

How hard is it to learn MetaMatrix?

A few weeks of step by step instructions, is all it takes.

It is well thought out for you the user. It was vital in our design concepts to help a beginner become a professional as soon as possible.

How many styles of trading does it support?

Scalping, Reversals, Range Trading, Breakouts and multiple variations of grid trading

Is it fully automated trading?

It is down to how comfortable you are with different mechanisms of choice. Some people prefer automated, Semi automated or manual.

Our Quicktools are designed on the same settings as bots but in the hands of the user to take the plunge. For quick setups, rules, as well as scaling in and out, while still being objective in probable setups.

It's the bee's knee's. No scripting or coding required. If you can fill out forms, you can trade any style our Matrix offers.

So why is MetaMatrix better than other platforms?

It has the means to quantify data into a better approach for any market in a clear step-by-step process. Not to mention all the styles of trading without knowing a line of code.

What we do not offer are:
1 million indicators into a rabbit hole of complete confusion.
Over complex Charting that fries the mind.
When trading in a live situation you will start to learn how valuable a high probable setup is for the given instrument and timeframe.

This is an easy-to-use, focused workflowtrading system with a stripped-down quantifiable means to learn, digest, and earn in real-time.

Yes, losses can still happen.

But all traders lose on their way to profiting. After all, trading is just about timing, risk, and accepting a more realistic expectation of probable profits.

But it's not all about intellect. Emotions play a heavy part here and we have added features to help with:

Bad trading habits, knee-jerk emotional trades, and even block all sorts of actions like fear, greed, and confusion.

What kind of hardware specifications, do I need?

Recommended specifications are an Intel i7, 8 core (5960) at 3 gigahertz with, 32 gigabytes of ram. The GPU should be at least an n-vidia 780 with 4 gigabytes of ram.

For software, you will need, Windows 7, 8, or 10.

If your hardware is from 2015 with a high specification CPU for that year and onwards you are good to go.

On the other hand, If you have a 16 core P C and up, the advantages of monitoring more charts will give you that extra edge.

Does Metamatrix support multiple screens?

Yes, our application supports multiple screens depending on the hardware you have. We have tested Metamatrix on 8 vertical screens with 6 pairs, plus our Active Order manager screen and Metatrader 5.

It really all depends on how fast the 2d refresh rate is on your pc across multiple screens. The latest and greatest GPU would have no issues with 16 screens.

I have only 500 dollars to trade.
Can MetaMatrix help with realistic expectations?

Yes, it's designed to scale both financially and grow an account over time. But like all things it carries risks and trading is not an easy game. Common sense, researching an instrument and the right timeframe and knowing what to look for.

Discovering quality setups and maximizing realistic rewards all play a part in the success and your emotional handling of losses and profits.

Why is it such a low price, Shouldn't you charge at least 4 times this amount?

I was a broke beginner and went into bad debt due to over priced gimmicks and wasting a lot of my savings on garbage. So we are offering MetaMatrix as fair value for the beginner so you will not have the burden of this. Trading is hard enough. And do not let others convince you otherwise. The school of hard knocks it is. MetaMatrix removes many of the scams and illusions, and brings some logic, reason, sanity and a touch of wisdom to the table. Not to mention most people are clueless in quantitative trading. MetaMatrix has all the right tools to get the job done.

The sales page says it can debunk gurus? How?

Our dashboard comes with many interpretations of markets that you can use to check how subjective or objective their viewpoints truly are. The more blissful ignorant the teachings are, you can guarantee it will not help you with discipline, patience, focus, or even allow you to develop a progressive edge.

Subjectivity is pretty much an individual's perspective on what might happen in the markets. Don't allow this to distort your own judgment. Metamatrix is here to keep you strict and sensible!

Let Metamatrix Train and Iron Out Bad Habits, and Emotional Crutches, Throw in an Intellectual Layer of Adaptive Probabilities with Decent Timing.

Guess what that makes you!

Available July 2023
MetaMatrix - An External Metatrader 5 Application for Windows designed to objectify a market.

9 Reasons to Own MetaMatrix

Gain 6 years of experience right out of the box and the many methods to trade with.

No More Wasting Your Life!

Save yourself from a myriad of cons, gimmicks, impractical training, wishful thinking, and downright delusion. Time to become the trader you want to be.

Be Objective, Not Subjective!

How many times of you heard many people say this setup is this, and might be this or this other thing. How can you repeat this with some sense of confidence? When it goes right, was it luck or quantified skills?

Fast Interactive Trading Tools!

Setup a trade fast, simple to complex, with rules or without. Aim for a plan. Draw with probabilities. This is a more disciplined approach to removing your own visual bias with the help of Metamatrix precision.

Hardware Scaling

Metamatrix is a fully Multi-threaded application, which makes the most out of your hardware.With a 32-core, AMD with 16 screens monitoring a larger set of trade instruments will greatly improve the likelihood of the best opportunities allowing you, to increase your profits.

Transparent and Intuitive.

No complex, clunky, lost in method of madness 
"what do these settings do again?"
Step by step you will be up and understanding in no time at all.

Step by Step Process

Methodology, Process, Configuration, actual understanding, Classification, Logical and precise. All form based no coding or blinded with science jargon.

No more laggy indicators  

Irony of trading is the longer you take to enter the worse it can become. Trend Chasing is a habit from birth. In trading this is a No, No. MetaMatrix will train you into a better trader! (It's designed for this)

Value for money

So you bought some trade platform, EA's, Some indicators, educational courses. $$$ Escape this tacky narrative say NO to perceived professionals. MetaMatrix is 100 times the value!

Enjoy debunking Guru's. We do!

Yes its a wonderful feeling knowing if you come across the latest and greatest again. Launch MetaMatrix, Look at their trades, Look at MetaMatrix, See how full of it they really are!


Read what our closed beta testers have said about MetaMatrix.

Photo by Nicolas Horn

Mathew Glock

I had no idea I was so bad at trading until I used this tool. So many ways to trade in one app is exceptional value for money and I get to curb bad habits too! It is a great app and I wish I had this when I started. Do not make the same mistakes as so many traders do!
It is refreshing not to have so many options you do not really know what to start on. I love the minimal layouts and the quantitative side is very easy to understand.

Mathew Glock, South Wales. UK

Photo by Leio McLaren

Tahmid William 

Trading is child’s play with this application. Before I thought I was the bee’s knee’s in trading now I know better. Most people are unaware of the bad advice disguised as good advice. I won’t be fooled again. Now I can see the truth in my own trading as well as others! This is one exceptional app you should not be without.

Tahmid William, England. UK

Photo by Amir Seilsepour

Jarvis Ridley 

From time to time an application comes along that truly changes the game. I have a degree in finance and have tested many platforms. MetaMatrix has certainly changed ones perspective on trading while keeping it clear and easy to trade! It’s advantages are kept simplistic yet before never saw how oblivious we really are as traders! I wish I had this application when I started out!. Metamatrix is worth every cent!

Jarvis Ridley, Texas, USA

Photo by Imansyah Muhamad Putera

Bronwen Baxter 

I love how you can share strategies with each other and know what is a good or bad robot/tool setup.
My past trades are truly exposed as poor and very risky. Now with Metamatrix I can refine my trading and recheck if I am progressing. I also get a kick out of using MetaMatrix with other traders trades and Metamatrix will show you how bad or good they really are. You would be foolish not to have this application if you are a beginner. Even professionals can see how good or bad they really are!

Bronwen Baxter, New York, USA

Photo by Conor OBrien

Nadir Chandler

To think of all the years of high end quantitative understanding this application brings ease to the table. At first I was not sure that trading could be made so much faster and easier to understand. It’s a steal and worth the asking price. I even compared trading results from my old teacher as well. I think he needs Metamatrix too!

Nadir Chandler, Paris, France.

Photo by Daniil Lobachev

Samira Goldsmith

Well thought out, managed well, organized, Clarity, Intuitive, easy to understand from start to finish. When things go wrong at least I understand why. Instead of sitting stewing about losses I get up and try again with confidence. Worth every penny. Try it out on a guru and their opinions too. What a hoot!

Samira Goldsmith, Frankfurt, Germany

Watch us test trade our application in real time.


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Meet our Team

Talented, Witty and from all over the world.

Michael Dunning
Senior Quant

Smart, Capable Brains of Britain. When it comes to quantitative understanding Michael's the man.

Robert Lance
Lead Designer

Loves tech for people not for machines, design, architecture and debunking all the bad systems and advice given to new traders out there.

Emma Da'ville
Senior Sales

Need to know something about our product? Miss Da'Ville here knows all the details. Ask away! 

Simon Duncun
Lead Programmer

A great and talented logical master. 20 years experience in programming over 8 languages.


We offer flexible pricing options depending on your scaling requirements. 

Single License

1 PC/Windows user



3 Licenses

3 PC/Windows user



5 Licences

5 PC/Windows user



10 Licenses

10 PC/Windows user